Sleek, sexy, yet terrifying, these units were built with the latest advancements in materials and technology. They are not only psychologically and physically imposing, but they were built for maximum effectiveness and civilian safety in a time where the battle is being fought on the streets outside our homes. AEGIS units run on the frontline of TASC operations, offering their agents close combat shielding and support.


Instigator: pump action Shotgun

Impale: bayonet

Armor Protocol: gets additional armor and his shotgun gets a more rapid rate of fire

Holo-Deflector: makes a temporary wall that prevents anything from passing

Charges: runs faster and leaps farther


Juggernauts are highly defensive and close range oriented. He will stay by objectives so people can walking into his shot gun and holo-deflects enemies in or out of view. He is very tanky, by can do little in close range, instead he is better reaching close range, kill him before hi does so

Where does he fit