Magic and cooking are inextricably intertwined in Loathing and the Beanslinger is the mystical master of both.You've heard there's a shortage of cooks out West since The Cows Came Home, due to most of the cooks having been brutally killed

-west of loathing character select

by The Cows.


Bean-Iron whisk

bean-iron shootin' iron


lava fava: fires a lava projectile in the shape of a beam

bean golem: summons a floating bean golem that will headbutt enemies

butter bean: fires a bean of pure butter to disable opponents

Great Northern Bilzzard: blows a freezing bean storm, freezing enemies in sight

Use the Ol' Beam: increases his ability damage

Beanwall: summons a wall of beans

(the following is consumable)

Plate of immaculate beans: increases his\her muscle, moxie and mysticality for the day

Plate of gilded beans: increases his\her drop bonus for the day

Plate of Mirror beans: increases elemental damage resistance for the day