Beatrix LeBeau is the slime rancher in the game slime rancher. She left her lover, Casey behind to explore a new frontier. She has always been adventures nd the new slime front, is no exception.


Vackpack: uses a vacuum gun to suck in twenty units of a small thing, four unit maximum. can also fire these things out.

it also contains a radar, jetpack and flashlight.

adventurous attitude

Rock slimes: vegetarian slimes, covered in a rocky crown, plorts are stronger than titanium and lighter than plastic, gives slimes a rocky crown

Boom Slimes: carnivore slimes that self-destructs, stunning themselves in the process. Plorts are highly explosive and an be used as fuel, makes slimes self destruct

Rad Slimes: vegetarian slimes that emit a radioactive aura. Plorts are also radioactive, makes slimes radioactive

Crystal SIimes: vegetarian slimes with a crown of crystal, that leaves sharp crystal clusters on the ground. plorts can be used to make strong metals

Mosaic Slimes: vegetarian slimes that shimmer. The create "Glints" ultra-hot solar anomalies that shimmer, until exploding on ground-contact. Plort can be used to make, solar anomaly causing glass, plorts cause slimes to make glints

Fire Slimes: slimes that can only live on incredibly hot surfaces. they and there plorts are always on fire. plorts can be used for stove heaters

Tarr: when slimes are blended with three plorts, they become destructive, invincible, hostile tarrs.