Cpl. Miles "Blaze" Lewis has always been drawn to the flame, but it wasn't until he joined up with Raynor's Raiders that he put his pyromania to good use. He's seen his fair share of battles since then, and has never failed to bring the heat.


Pyromania: sets himself on fire, dealing damage to nearby enemies

Fire Stream: fires two streams of fire

Oil Slick: throws a canister of oil that slows enemies who walk on it, can be set on fire, he is heaed if he steps into a flaming oil slick

Jet Propulsion: dashes forward, knocking back enemies

(Can only choose one of the two, both have long cooldowns)

Bunker Drop: summons an invincible bunker that he and allies can hop in, and fire numerous flamethrowers

Combustion: slows his movement and then burst out in an explosion, slowing and damaging enemies to close, deal move damage the longer hi charges