The cat base is where the cats leave to fight the many dangerous things lying in wait to destroy it


all these characters run on a point to create system and cooldowns

Mohawk Cat: Cat that bites

Eraser Cat: cat the body slams, lare health pool, immune to knock backs

Dark Cat: cat with large health pool that slashes his sword

Macho Legs Cat: cat that kicks from a large distance

Lion Cat: fast cat that headbutts his foes

The Flying Cat: fires a laser, can levitated close to the ground

Island Cat: huge bite, can swim and walk, large health pool

Dragon King Cat: fast moving with decent range, slams his head into the ground, damaging his foes

Jamiera Cat: powerful, healthy cat that slams his fist into the ground, the shockwave harms enemies

the cat base can also fire a laser, resulting in numerous explosions in its wake