An infamous criminal who was thought to have been dead for many years, Faust's reemergence from the grave has thrown law enforcement agencies across the globe into disarray. Although his motivations and goals - like that of the The Syndicate who he represents - are largely unknown, what world authorities can all agree on is that he is extremely dangerous. Codenamed by those who have marked him as the world's most-wanted criminal, Faust wears his alias with pride.


Alpha: launches a barrage of projectiles, 3d prints ammo

Omega: precision pistol with a chargeable precision shot

Equalizer: fires both guns that now have rapid fire blue energy balls

Tac-Knife: throwable knife that revels enemy locations, even through walls

Warp: brief teleportation in a target location


Gunslingers revels all enemies in a target location then omegas enemies that are far away and alphas enemies to close for comfort.

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