Feng is the head of the Shura Corp.’s medical research laboratories in their secretive private security division. In the pursuit of scientific gain, he decided to conduct a dangerous experiment on himself which resulted in Feng requiring several cybernetic enhancements to his jaw and arm. Although it nearly killed him, his experiment was ultimately a success, and his newfound power could be the key to Shura Corp’s future global dominance.


Lobber: fires either a bouncy grenade or an explosion on hit grenade

Firefly: laser pistol

Defense Grid: makes a bubble energy shield that lets allies, ally projectiles and enemies pass, put not enemy projectiles

Support Drones: sends two drones to stay by and heal allies

Hover Pack: a jet pack that allows some verticle movement


The Battle Medic stays on the sideline, lobbing grenades at enemies and healing allies. he can be eaisliy outranged if you are stealthy enough

Where does he fit

  1. Medic
  2. Explosives Expert
  3. Tech Expert