Hiccup was once just a scrawny little kid from the Viking island of Berk, until the faithful day, he accidently shot down and injured Toothless. Feeling pity, he eventually bonded with the Night Fury, giving him a name and an artificial tail-fin so he can fly. He defeated the red death dragon, he founded the dragon riders, defenders of Berk. later in his twenties, they defeated an evil Bewilderbeast at the age of twenty, and now reign as the Chiefs of Berk

Abilities: (Toothless)

Accurate acetylene and oxygen-shaped plasma charges of varying ranks of danger and can be shot rapid fire

excellent flight, if hiccup is on him.


strong enough to head-butt catapult made of metal off cliffs


Abilities: (Hiccup)

Super human abilities

inferno: fire sword that has flammable Monstrous Nightmare Gel and Hideous Zippleback gas, along with an electrical spark

Gronckle-Iron Shield: fire\sound proof shield with a crossbow and bola launcher

a few other dagers in Toothless' sadel

a Wingsuit


Hiccup likes to make a plan, have everyone follow it, with as little improve as possible. He never expects his plans to be countered