Reuniclus is the Multiplying Pokemon. Reunicluses are incredibly powerful mentally and physically in their psychically controlled gel body. Strong enough to crush boulders with his gel hands, and smart aswell.


powerful stone crushing grip

gains psychic power by shaking hands

(Can only choose one of the following)

Overcoat: immunity to weather

Magic Guard: Immunity to status effects

(Can only choose four of the following)

Wonder Room: a target area has, slower enemies are faster and faster enemies are slower

Heal Block: prevents the enemy form healing

Psychic: moves something psychically

Future Sight: summons a handful of meterors that will rain down later in time

Rollout: rolls in a target area

Dizzy Punch: punches, confusing enemies

Psyshock: fires a beam that confuses enemies

Recover: heals for half of his health pool