Robin, Hero in Tights, is the face of the Bow masters franchise


Robin has the capacity to stand up after many blows, even if he has an arrow in his dead, broke both legs, or has all his flesh ripped off, leaving him a pale skeleton, and act as usual.

He has the accuracy to hit eagles and sparrows with an explosive barrel, and can perfectly cleave a lemon on top of someone's head.

He can fire a normal arrow from his bow, or use one of the following weapons (Including his), but it is at random

Mr. Gorskiy's flag

Arnold's tomahawk

Lol Vein's gold chain

Turkey Girl's mad turkey with explosive eggs

Julius' champion's spear

Kacey Rich's explosive gamepad

Ron Etienne's Magic Card

Digger Steve's Dimond Pickaxe

Investor's breifcase

Fei Li's Firework arrow

Bad Girl's F1 Grenade

Terrance's Chainsaw

Raymonde's Propeller

Crazy Sam's American flag

Stephanie the Witch's Magic Broom

Thor's Mjolnir

Ice Lord's Frozen Spear

Corey Thundersting's Axe Guitar

Neko's Magic Kunai

T-666's Shotgun

Jeremy's Trash can

Young Tree's Jetcoon

Shark's Poseidon's Trident

Anonymous' Protester's sign

Varg Blackburn's Molotov cocktail

Soilder's Sword

Shovel Demon's Shovel Demon

Maesto's Bottle of acid

Chang Wu King's Unicron

Leonidas' Spear

Mime's Baguette

Mike's Burning Ball

Dr. Sick's Syringe

Fernando's Turtle Shell

Schoolmates' Spinner

Jim's Burning Marshmallows

D'evourer's Alien probe

Y's Dubstep gernade

Cyberstar's CD-R

King Octopus's Electric Jellyfish

Old Man's Swordfish

Jack Hammer's Jackhammer

Hipster's selfie phone

Tanithmetil's Magic arrow

Vlad's Aspen pike

Mr. Overlord's Fluggegeliben

Betty's Watermelon

Penny's "Poppy"

Barbara's "Mister Fury"

Rufus' Beef leg

Man Cat's Catarang

Master Chef's Chef's knife

Donald D.'s Bricl of the Wall

Mr Moyer's Barrel

Frost's icicle

James' machete

Claus' Snowball

Robert Spark's "Spark"

Space King's Plasma Grenade

Sigurd of Alexandra's Great sword

Spectacular Luchano's Chair

Blaze's Shuriken

Gabe Freeman's Crowbar

Hunger Girl's Hunter Arrow

Dark Mage's Magic skull

Templar's Tomahawk

Pupil Michael's Dynamite