A former Russian Air Force pilot recruited by the Valkyries, Toska-9 was top of her class until The Syndicate came calling with a lucrative offer that was too good to pass up. Disgusted by the Valkyrie preoccupation with justice, and looking for a payday, Toska-9 defected leaving a pile of bodies in her wake. An infamous contract killer with no remorse, Toska-9 knows the world is a place where her unique skills can earn her a lot of cash.


Afterburners: Jetpack for horizontal movement, uses fuel

Hydra: mini gun

Pulsar: blast of displacement afterburner fuel

Starfall: falls to the ground, leaving a low gravity pocket

Meteor Shells: throws five mini grenades


Vanguards fly by fast, dealing unsuspected quick damage, going in and out quickly. If she looses all her fuels, she will wait until in recharges until it is full, then you strike.

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